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Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil

Product Description

Hot dip galvanizing plate, heat plating for short,  is the carbon steel substrate after preprocessing, immersed in molten zinc liquid state, obtain the protection process of coatings; galvanized plates has been widely used in home appliances, decoration, advertisement and civil industry  because of its good corrosion resistance, particularly in the home appliance industry  (air-conditioning outdoor machine, the refrigerator, washing machine, plate panel computer chassis, microwave ovens) and color coated substrate is greatly in demand. It could be divided into UEC and Sen Jimmy Apha according to the technological methods.

Technical Data

Thickness: 0.15----3.0mm

Width: 600---1250mm

ID: 508/610mm

Steel Type: LFQ/CQ/DQ/DDQ

Zinc Coating: 60---300g/m2

Spangle: Regular/Minimum/Zero Spangles.

Surface Treatment: Chromate/ Oil/ Skin Pass

Standard: JISG3302/ ASTM A653M/ EN10327





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